is about children. Children Here. Children Abroad. Children with needs we can help meet. In Greek there is a verb tense which indicates a single effort which has continuing results; at we believe that your fund raisers should work this way too...and those results should help children everywhere. To this end we have built the continuous fund raising system which pays generously to your organization month in and month out. The products offered by BetterCup are the highest quality available and come at an extraordinarily reasonable price. Our coffee growers are among the highest paid anywhere and a portion of our proceeds go to fund globally significant and locally important projects like an orphanage in central India.

By purchasing BetterCup coffee your donor knows that they are helping your children get a better education while helping children abroad with everything from basic needs like a roof on an orphanage to food on the table. is the better choice.

68% of American adults
will switch brands
to support a cause is
socially, environmentally
& economically